Wednesday, December 4, 2013

mrs. blue bird on my shoulder...

Hey there!
This week is speeding by, can you feel it too?  I had to come home from my parents and get the tree decorated, then get the outside lights up, while it was pretty mild out. Cue the missing green extension cord then a strand of lights that didn't wanna work. I played, checked the bulbs, switched out fuses and then hit Target today for a couple more strands. Guess what. I am still short a strand and then it started raining.

Well, I guess it's time to sit safely in front of the laptop and write a post. Other than loss of power, this should all work out alright tonight. haha

The SALE over at Purple Onion Designs is still going on. You have until Dec. 10th to nab 25% off of all the stamps. Here is a card that I made, using the wreath from last years Stacey Yacula set, called 'The Sweetest Season' and the little bird is from this years holiday set, called 'Winter Wishes'.

I am in love with this card! I stamped out the wreath, colored it up with my colored pencils. I colored up the bird and cut  it out. I stamped the sentiment, made it a banner and it should look like the bird is holding it in her beak. Least I hope so! I trimmed my wreath into a square shape but was careful near the bow, so it actually hangs outside the square. 
When I colored the berries, I smudged them around a little with my gamsol dipped stump. and added lots of glitter. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are keeping crafty for the holidays. I told you I would share with you, more painting that I did up at my mom & dads. I took my Annie Sloan chalk paint and a small table. I managed to paint a second table that was down in my parents basement. I had to resist bringing them back. 
This table was the one in the basement and I painted it in the color 'Florence', same color I painted the inside of the dresser drawers I was working on, few posts back. This table got clear wax and dark changed the color a little and i LOVED the new shade.
This table I bought for $10.00 and painted in the 'Florence' color and only used clear wax on it. It's gorgeous bright color. 
Both tables got sanding,which doesn't show up really good in these pics. I need more colors!!
Then, I took my niece to the two thrift stores in town and I found something I have been on the lookout for, for sometime now. I could not be happier!!

First of all, the Samsonite cosmetics case. My grandma had one almost identical in color, but without the linen texture. {gonna house art supplies!!!}  Then, my newest collection obsession is for vintage Pyrex refrigerator storage. This is my 4th piece and I got both of these baby's for 1/2 off on Black Friday. ahhhhhh, I love a good find.   :)

See you soon! Thanks for coming in to visit!

Friday, November 29, 2013

winter sale at purple onion designs...

Black Friday sales aren't just for the big stores!
Michele, over at Purple Onion Designs, is having a SALE of her own. You can get 25% of all her stamps until December 10th. That means after all the running around the mall and shops, you can relax in your pj's and browse some rubber, for yourself!

Here is another snowman, 'Berry' from last years collection 'The Sweetest Season' by Stacey Yacula. Berry is hold a lantern from this years winter collection called 'Winter Wishes'. {yeah, these sets can easily be used together...the ideas keep flowing}

Coloring snowmen doesn't take lots of time because you only need to add a little shadowing on them. I usually grab a light, cool grey and this time I also added some yellow for the light reflection. Just remember, if you want to use red, save it for the very last minute. You don't want to ruin your snowman or surrounding area with pink smears.

Get yourself into the holiday mood, save some $$, make some homemade cards and put a smile on a friend or family members face. Don't forget the stamp SALE runs until Dec. 10th.

This Thanksgiving I am up at my parents house, in the thumb of Michigan's mitten shape. Story and I are crafting, painting furniture, shopping and he is shoving his nose in the snow outside. There is just a little bit here, but he loves it! 
I will share painted furniture pics in my next post. See ya soon!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

litte (digi) elf finn...

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!
I know I may not get to my computer on Thanksgiving, I'll be up north at my parents. Story and I are taking off tomorrow as soon as I get outta work and pick him up. What does that mean for tonight, while I am writing this post. I am washing clothes, packing and trying to make sure I don't forget anything. Dinner and dishes are finished and I warned those not going with me, I had better come home to messy kitchen!
My plan was to share another Purple Onion Designs card, but that has to wait until Friday...*wink, wink*

Instead I can share one of my cards that are from my latest Mo Manning, Digital Pencil Too shopping spree. (and I gotta say, I see a few more images I still want!) Here is 'Little Elf Finn'...

I have a thing for these Elves and I can not resist them, their faces, outfits, swinging from a big round ornament. Finn, I am not sure if he is supposed to be a boy or girl, or that it matters. I try to keep the outfit colors simple and I always add a ton of glitter to the white furry trim.
I told you that mostly my cards are 'white' based this year, mostly because my holiday papers have white bases, but I really love the look. I am torn...rustic & homey or crisp & bright. 
I added a coat of my clear glaze pen to the ornament and there is no sentiment on the front or inside (that might change).

So tonight I have one non Christmasy card to finish up and then my coloring has come to an end for this year. Can you believe December is almost here?

Thanks for dropping in to see another card and I will see ya back here on (Black) Friday!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

more winter wishes and some chalk paint...

It's ELF season and tonight I just finished watching it and got in the holiday mood. The dusting of snow that we got on{ yesterday}monday is still frozen on the grass and my deck...Thanksgiving is still not here yet!
I have been coloring and coloring and keeping busy at my kitchen table. I have plenty of Purple Onion Designs to share and soon, some Mo Manning too. You know what had me sitting in that coloring chair for so long...watching the series 'Orange is the NEW Black', 3 seasons of 'Downton Abbey' and now starting season 2 of 'Game of Thrones'. Yep, kinda like the old days holed up in my craft room. lol

Tonight I am going to share 2 more of my Purple Onion/Stacey Yacula cards. This is Stacey's second winter collection called "Winter Wishes', over at Purple Onion Designs. Here is what I did with my 'Snowy Trio'...
I have noticed that my Christmas cards this year have got LOTS of white in them. I used a little kraft colored paper for card bases, but mostly white. I guess it's mainly because my small holiday paper stash has a white base. But, this isn't an issue...I am lovin' what I've come up with.
My singing trio is colored with my pencils, blended with gamsol and plenty of glitter splashed about.
With these guys I think the snowy hills makes the colors POP. To make the white snowmen different from the snowy hills, I added more pale grey and some soft yellows {where the sun would hit the fellas}.  I kept my brightest blue up at the top, near the trees.
For this years cards, I also pulled out my 'Stamp-a-ma-Jig' to line up the sentiment right on the card. It can be a little scary, you wanna use a gentle, even touch. If ya make a mistake, just make sure that it's thought out and you can add a tag. I have had to use this 'save', plenty of times myself. 
Then, here my one layer card that is alllllmost my favorite! The white just makes the colors come to life.
It's about as simple as you can get and I am in love with this owl, 'Snowy'. I will warn you now...he is the lead in LOTS of this years cards.  *wink*
Make the card base and stamp off the 'Winter Bough' branch randomly...use your favorite green to color in the branches and lots of bright colors for the berries and voila! Christmas lights. Snowy cuts out really easy and I glued him on separately. Use a stamp-a-ma-jig to add your favorite sentiment.
You could make these up pretty quickly.

Ok, I said that next time I showed up, I would tell you what else I have been doing. Painting furniture.
I found some refinishing site on Pinterest and 'pinned' them. I collected some small pieces to play with, while on the Worlds Longest Yard Sale in Aug. Then I had a few small tables gathered this summer, waiting to be made over.  Then I get a dresser from a guy at work, he was gonna sell it at a garage sale for $5.00. I told him to take some pics and I picked one of the two he had. After working some saturdays, I finally decided the time was here and I would start the sanding process. This dresser was a really dark walnut color, alligator skin crackled varnish. I spend a saturday afternoon sanding this dresser and then very early sunday morning, I open up my Pinterest board to look at my refinishing pins. You will never guess that I sanded for NOTHING. I went to this blog, called Hueology and the only paint she uses is by someone called Annie Sloan chalk paint. More 5 a.m. research turned up that there are 4 places in Michigan that sell this paint. Long story short, I had one store close to me and I drove there as soon as they opened. I am now in LOVE with Annie Sloan chalk paint and here is my dresser.
I painted the outside a pale grey, called Paris Grey and the inside is called Florence. 
I lightened up the top photo and this one is a non-flash photo. I antiqued this dresser with waxes that you put on over the paint. A soft clear wax and then a dark wax. You have the control over how much or how little you want the piece to be antiqued. I did not antique the inside of the drawers, those got only the soft clear wax. The paint and brushes are not cheap, but I knew this was something I needed to try out and I am SO happy I did. I have plans to redo my kitchen island and my bathroom cabinet. 
But first, we gotta finish up the Christmas cards!!
There are more to come. thanks for dropping by!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

winter wishes are here...

Happy November!
Yes, it's that time when I start thinking (and coloring up) about my homemade cards for my friends and family. I have a Pinterest inspired idea for a card with Story, but who knows if I can get him covered in lights and sitting Until I try that, I have to stick with the plain old colored up ones! 
And guess WHAT, that talented Stacey Yacula has just the *NEW* images over at Purple Onion Designs.
(I bet you also guessed that I got to play with some and start my card stash for this holiday are correct!)
Take a peek at my first card...
This card is a simple one to make many variations out of.  The *NEW* Winter Wishes set has a trio of 'adornments' and that is what I used here, with the 'wreath' from last years The Sweetest Season collection. Soooo many possibilities my friends, and I see some more playing around and mixing and matching. (yes, it's a good thing that the time change is tomorrow and I will be spending more time indoors, hehe)
I have lots more cards to finish and more ready to the meantime, you can check out the entire Winter Wishes set at Purple Onion Designs and take advantage of a SALE on the entire set.
You can purchase the Winter Wishes collection for $70.00, a 25% savings, until Thursday, November 7th.

When I come back, I will show you what else I have been up to, another Pinterest find!
See you really soon!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

SENIOR-itas from Stamping Bella!!

Well, HELLO!!
This post is so crazy overdue, there isn't much I can say, other than I am finally sitting down in front of my laptop and getting it written. It has been so long since I have posted anything, I have already messed up and now I am writing this out again. {it's getting late and I am getting tired, but I am soldiering on!}
The daylight getting shorter is not helping either.
Overtime and house duties, dog park and wedding shower planning, it's what goes on here at the Williamson house. Shower in Feb, wedding on March'll be here in no time now.

Emily emailed me to see if I would be interested in doing some cards for the lasted Stamping Bella release. I said yes, and tried to get the cards finished in a timely manner. Sitting down at my laptop has just been a different story.

I am somewhat of a closet gamer and after all is said and done, about 8pm or so, I play Animal Crossing on my Nintendo 3Ds. Building a perfect town with my animal friends is what I do now. It's how I relax. I have no shame or guilt, lol.  I have not done much crafty stuff all summer, thanks to my new toy.

I just happened to have my phone in my hand and saw an email from my far away friend, Meahni...former Bellababe from South Aftrica. Poor girl has been waiting patiently for me to post my cards and I hadn't done it yet.  Here they are, better late than never, right!

Ohhhh, first up we have SENIOR-ita Wanda. She wants to give you a big ole smooch and probably pinch your cheeks. She was the first one I colored up and I had fun with that colorful muu muu. Since I have not bought new paper in months, I used Basic Grey pads, like Mint Julep for inspiration. The prints in that 6x6 pad also look very Senor-ita-ish.  
I layered the first part of the sentiment on top of Wanda, and the second part is on the inside, it says 'MWAHHHHHH'.

Then we have Mildred & Maude SENIOR-ita's...two ladies who are friends for the long haul.

These girls got their color from a Basic Grey pad called 'Kneehighs'. OhMyGosh...this sentiment is perfect for any girlfriends you have, no matter what age. I ain't this old, and I would send it out in a heartbeat! haha  I had a very hard time tilting my image, I like things lined up and even...but I made myself do it.  I split the sentiment up again and the second half is on the inside, it says 'they always stick together'. 

Then we have the Trick-or-Treating duo...

I had to dig through some old paper and find proper Halloween styles and colors. These 'TRICKORTREATarita's' didn't come with their own sentiment and I made one up and printed it off on my computer. {I did this about a week after these pics were taken.} I printed out a sentiment that says 'Trick or're never to old!'  I am not a huge Halloween fan, yet I LOVE Halloween images and Halloween cards.

I still get the occasional question on the glitter technique I use on my cards. It's a technique that is as simple as they come, with the correct supplies. A fine glitter and a Sakura Quickie glue pen is all it takes to add as little or as much sparkle as you want. The glue pen has a ball point tip and leaves a small blue dot of glue. I pounce it where I want it, fan it out and add glitter. That is it!  Cards look alive with shimmer and everyone loves glitter, don't they??

Please, check out the Stamping Bella site and check out the whole SENIOR-ita line and all the other new images. Since I retired from being a full time Babe, Emily now sells her images with cling on them. Ready to pop on an acrylic block and stamp away.  

Have fun!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

yellow, summer, lemons...

It's officially vacation time for me and I have still not walked out the door and hit the road.
Jim took the car in this morning to get an oil change at 7am, maybe he's buying a new car instead? I dunno. I took Story for a morning walk and still no Jim. What is a girl to do next? ahhhhh, how about share that Stamping Bella card I made!

These lemons are bursting with summers favorite color, the color of the sun! It took me a long time to embrace yellow. I still wouldn't wear a yellow shirt, but I love the many shades that yellow has to offer.
Blue is super friendly with yellow, so I used it a little bit in the bowl and trim. I added some glitter to my bowl too, did ya catch that?

I went to Stamping Bella's website and I can't find this image in Emily's inventory. But she has lots of NEW designers and other images to look at. 
I may eventually write something on the inside of this card, before I post it on my Etsy site...that will need to wait until I get back from my trip.

I packed my NEW Sharpie '80 GLAM' set, some pencils and a small watercolor set. You never know what can happen and if I end up sitting in a hotel room, or waiting on Jim...I need to be ready, right? lol

Tonight I am going to be in Nashville, then on to Memphis and down to Louisiana. { Duck Commander land!!} Before we get to Nashville, I am going to follow the 'Worlds Longest Yard Sale". The sale starts in Michigan and goes all the way to Alabama. I hope to get some great pics to share with you...this is my first time to all of these places. 

See you soon!!!