Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas cheer...

Merry Christmas!!!
This Christmas day is finding Jim & I hanging out at home with Story and the cats. {Technically 1 cat, because Daisy will still not venture into the living room, near Story} Jim's chemo makes him feel crappy a lot of the time, so he stayed home with me, instead of going to his sisters. It's just a quiet day everywhere! Not so bad when you gotta work the next day though. hehe
As promised, here is the last of my Christmas cards. This one goes out to my east coast friend, Maria, who is one amazing dog lover and spends LOTS of time finding homes for needy pups. If I lived anywhere near her, I am afraid there would be no Story, I'd want to adopt all the dogs she posts on Facebook. Maria's dog-walker, partner in crime is Cindy! {mom to a house full of Yorkies...like my Niki} You girls are a true inspiration and the meaning of a giving heart.   :)
Here is a Stampin' UP throw back in time... Loads of Love and if you look really closely, the little dog at the back of the truck is Story. haha I have kept very few Stampin' UP sets, but this one was always a favorite and I bought the expansion set, so it's great for more occasions. 
I have some mixed media pieces to share but the photos still need downloading and I gotta get my kielbasa in the oven and get dinner moving along. 
Be back soon! Hope Santa was good to everyone!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

sunday morning sampling...

Good morning! Since the days are getting so close to Christmas, I gotta keep sharing my cards and holiday mixed media projects. {ok, the mixed media projects are snowmen, so they aren't just for Christmas!}
But here are some cards that I gave to friends at work, first up is a digi image from Saturated Canary.
Honestly, don't know what her name is, she just looked perfect for a zombie lovin' friend. I really made the surround of her eyes dark, for that reason. 'PEACE' was the portions cut out from my Silhouette machine. When you need multiple layers to complete an image, you use lots of colors and have plenty left overs. When you see the next card, you'll see what I'm talking about. hehe
This is my only non colored card this year. I saw this bulb as an image to buy in the Silhouette online store, and I purchased it. I cut it out three times, three colors. I was able to use all three of the 'PEACE' words. This is popped up with scrapdots, so it's not flat.
For two of my friend at work I made winter canvases. They are in the style of Christy Tomlinson's 'She Art Girls'.
This was my first snowman, 'happy', he's on a 6"x12" canvas. 
I also made 'sweet' and she's in bright colors and a thick square canvas.
I wanted to get them with their heads turned, looking up. I keep getting more and more used to the shabby process and as I go along, the latest is always my favorite. lol 
I still have at least one more card, and more projects, so I'll see ya tomorrow!!
Thanks for dropping in.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

thinking of you...BellaRIFFIC Friday 'special edidtion'...

Happy BellaRIFFIC Friday!!  haha, you haven't heard me say that in a while, huh! Well, todays BellaRIFFIC Friday is kinda a 'special edition' day. The Babes were to have this week off and then decided to share a 'Thinking of You' project.... These past couple of weeks, last weeks horrible shootings, I've been thinking about a LOT of people. 
Today's project is way bigger than a card that can be put into any standard envelope. I had to get to the post office and get a BIG one. Remember this huge cards that sat in the isles of stores, in stand up display cases because they were just about as big as a dishwasher? {I think maybe they were most popular at Valentine's Day??} This is somewhat the little sister of those...lol.
My first thought was these sweet 'Pixies' from Stamping Bella, flying and layered all together. My second thought, after that first one, was...um, three are kinda in the same direction and that wasn't gonna work...so began the large card. The sentiment is my own handwriting, thanks to taking 'Lettering Love' from Joann Sharpe...I feel free to just let my handwriting go and add the thick/thin areas bring it to life. {or at least balance it all out in a way I like it}
One think that is slightly different from what I popped in the mail, to what you are seeing here. I made the little heart on the banner, darker. When I pulled the whole project back, it was just too light and faded into the patterned paper. I made the heart glossy with Glossy Accents from Ranger, so I thought I could shade the heart with my Pitt Pen markers. Nope. I didn't like that look, so I cut out a darker heart. 
I added LOTS of swirly glitter, how much is too much? Is there ever enough? hehe
I sent my Pixies flying away with a HUGE hug and this was officially my last colored thing for a few days.
Don't forget to head on over to Emily's blog HERE, to see what the 'real' Bella BABES have in store for ya. 
I'll be back tomorrow with a few more Christmas cards AND...more mixed media projects that I gave as gifts.    :)
Have great day!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

mixed media madness and more cards...

Hey there! I am in full on DIY crafting, holiday mode. Oh my!! Why are we not being shown awesome projects in July, August...September?? Here I am taking an online '12 Artsy Ornaments' class and today I am running to Salvation Army...going through sweaters...looking for wool. {or at least anything that's at least 75% wool} I did run across a Santa ornament from Hallmark, circa 1976. I love him...still stored in the package with a little hook. Guess how much... $1.00!
I am making paperclay nesting doll ornaments too. There are lightbulbs inside these, paperclay wrapped around, then painted. I didn't put a metal loop into these two girls...they are going to sit, and they are at their new homes tonight. I hit the dollar store for more lightbulbs, on the way to the Salvation Army. 
Check out the last two cards I have done from the Purple Onion Designs, Stacey Yacula line. The first one is 'Jingle Bells'...
Soft creams and blues, plus LOTS of glitter! I always loved square cards and round cards, so here is a nice combo of the two. I colored with pencils and gamsol, in case ya didn't know.  
The next card is a total CASE of Linda's card, that I was lovin'. See Linda's card HERE.
Yeah, I used different papers and added PEACE, which was cut from my Silhouette SD, as was the tree. It's all very popped up and I used my ScrapDots to do that job. The little penguin's name is 'Filbert' and he is over at Purple Onion Designs. 
Last but not least...check out my 3x3 canvas ornaments...I have 5 more on my kitchen table, ready for girls. 
I am having fun creating and thinking about creating, while I'm at work. lol
See ya friday...for a blast from the past...I am doing BellaRIFFIC Friday at Stamping Bella. It's a special edition BellaRIFFIC Friday.    :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

put a little green into your holidays...

Good morning! yep, I'm up early, trying to get some crafting space cleared from my messy desk. I succeeded, else I wouldn't be able to get to my laptop..lol.
I was watching some HGTV Christmas specials, that I dvr'd, and it dawned on me...I need to get a post going with some cards or I'll be sharing Christmas cards into 2013. {nah, I don't want to look at them then, either!}
I have a Mo Manning digi to show you, and I who knows why I picked this for the holidays...well, the color scheme.
Her name is 'Teen Fairy Pia' and she made me think of Tinkerbell, who always hangs on our tree. Maybe that's where the green holiday dress comes in? But...I have always been partial to red heads, so Tink was just the inspiration. 
I colored her with my prismacolor pencils and used a piece of paper that is from Memory Box. I am telling you, I seriously am not buying any new paper until my stash starts to run low...gonna be a long time. hehe I love Pia's flouncy ruffled skirt, so that got lots of glitter. The tiny 'joy' comes from a Memory Box set of acrylic stamps. This card is flat, sadly, I wanted to add a big, bright green bow...but I was mailing her out and we all know how that goes. 
In keeping with a green theme...check out this little elf...
Yes, she is set to arrive in soon in another mailbox, not too far from me. Oh, man....when I spied her at Archivers, I had to get her. If she isn't full of Christmas cheer, I don't know what is!
She is from Art Impressions and Archivers carries a nice assortment of these stamps now.
I ended up sending her twice...reminds me of the days when Jim and I worked BINGO. Those ladies not only had good luck charms all across their tables, they also decorated themselves. Some even thought bra's were optional at their age. I've decided, outside the home...they aren't. lol.
ok, be back soon, promise..I am still working on mixed media stuff and will share that and more cards. {gotta get a few more cards finished!!}
Here is Story, last night, laying in the hallway while I cleaned off my desk. enjoy your day...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

caution...art in progress...

Would you believe I have so many projects sitting in some sort of finishing stage...and still not finished! lol
I do! I bet I'm not the only one, but where did last week go? I colored a little, sewed a group of cards up, still need to pull out the Vagabond for some embossed pieces...but time flew. Alas, I have a couple small square cards to share. and...I 'm gonna show you what I did last night, with my friend Dana.  :)
Here is little 'Holly', a stocking headed mouse, waiting for Santa. or mischief? He's another piece to the Stacey Yacula set at Purple Onion Designs. Can you tell I tried to not make this so smack-dab-in-the-middle. I know it's not traditional in color, but I wanted a soft mauve-y cap and there was no Christmas paper in my stash this color. {my stash is so small these days...I didn't buy any new holiday paper}
Next, I have a Mo Manning digi image, from way back, sitting on my computer...
Someone I work with, like pink/aqua, so this is for her. It was supposed to be a single layer card, but my 'merry Christmas' sentiment was just ever so slightly off. It drove me NUTS. But, I love this simple sewn tag look, so I won't throw in the towel. haha
What I played with last night, was some mixed media goodness. I bought a pack of 9 chunky canvases from Michael's {50% off}...
Dana made one for herself, my 3, so I have 5 more to finish! These are 3"x3", I also have some 2"x2" thin canvases, that will be turned into ornaments. This is not my artistic idea...these are inspired from taking Christy Tomlinson's 'She Art' classes and Junelle Jacobson's ornament class from 2011. My artsy friend Ann-Marie took the '12 Artsy Ornaments 2011' class, and sent me one of her ornaments. Kinda She Art-meets winter! Last night we just played and cut paper and hats.
Today, I am heading over to Michaels to return some and take Story to see Santa at Petsmart. Then, dinner out at an amazing Italian place for Jordan's birthday. 
fa la la la laaaaaaa
Here's a shot of my 4 month old pony, rolling on my bedroom floor.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

laurel, the reindeer...

The tree is finally decorated, tree skirt under the tree {not tied}, in case some puppy decides to pull on it. I am waiting to see if Pebbles lays under the tree this year, like all the past years. lol. Niki never bother her, but sometimes she is just toooo tempting for Story not to chase her. Please, just NOT under the tree. 
Today is the last official day of the Purple Onion Designs S.A.L.E. 25% off is a great deal and I love that you can buy just the images you want. I'm here to tempt you one last time, with 'Laurel', possibly the cutest deer I have ever seen.
I did a little something here, that I don't do much, cutting out the image. Since I have gotten back into coloring, I just want to try different things, since I no longer have the same old - same old, stuck in my head. 
Today I called Linda, told her about a project I saw on one of my favorite 'crafty' blogs....Eighteen25. We both talked about doing a post today, another to-do for sunday. I told her i was posting my 'Laurel', she said she colored hers up...I suggested we both post her today. I am excited...I don't know what she's done with hers yet. {but I am sure I'll kick myself when I do, lol} So, when you're done here, click on Linda's blog, HERE and see our versions of this cute reindeer.
I have a Williams-Sonoma recipe stew cooking and I am working on painting some canvases. Quiet day today, just me and puppy. I pulled my boxes of Christmas cards down, ready to write out...man, not sure I am in the mood. Are you sending out cards??
Off to get paint on my hands! See you soon!