Wednesday, May 21, 2014

holy crap

i did not realize that i had NOT posted the last blog entry!!!!!  
I saw it had 'draft' next to it. MAJOR MISTAKE

makin cards again...

Oh, it has been a while since I have visited my own blog, my own Etsy store or my colored pencils.
Again, we have had some life changes around here and it's all for the positive this time! Jan-March of 2014 had me getting crafty for my daughters wedding shower & the main event at the end of March. I have been planning the takeover of her room, for about a year and the day finally arrived. {happy dance} I purchased a new/old round table for my craft room and it sat in our living room until I got the bedroom finished. {by finished I mean, painted walls, new carpet} While the table was in the living room, I did sit and color a small stack of images, putting the table to use.
I now have my creating area set up with a sewing machine right across from me. No more sewing machine sitting next to my feet, I just need to switch chairs. {happy dance #2}

Now before you get excited about that small stack of images I have colored up...they are not cards, yet.
I decided that I needed to make a few cards using the NEW 'A Beautiful Day' set by Stacey Yacula & found over at Purple Onion Designs! I can't resist Stacey's artwork. 
Here are two of the cards I have created...
'Jackson & his bubbles', possibly a girl card, but I tend to think of him as a boy card. {a small amount of glitter and no pretty bow} I just love the soft green shade that I colored him in, not the expected brown, is it. I tried to capture the iridescence of bubbles and they have a few layers of clear Glaze pen on top. 
Then, we have this sweet little mouse. {would I ever call a mouse sweet, if it was running around my house? yes, if it had a cute clothes on.} 'Wishing' is a one piece stamp and also from 'A Beautiful Day' set. I really wanted a pale purple dress and my paper stash has hardly any purple in it. {used it for shower  decorations} I picked out a couple pieces of Memory Box paper and went from there. Soft pastels and a plump pink bow. {thank gosh I made a decent seems like forever}

Both cards will eventually be available at my Etsy store. Time to get that stocked up again!

If you like what you're seeing, then head over to Purple Onion Designs for the release and a sale on the entire 'A Beautiful Day' collection

robin & ruby...

Hey there! 
I decided I could look at my lazy bum blogging as...
1. I just don't fire up the ol' apple when I get home and sit and tell you about my latest project.
{this is the truth}
2. I like to think that no one wants to see their email littered with my nonsense every few days! 
{the reason I think is funniest??}

In May, Jim and I took a joint week off from work, so we could build a new shed. Resin, like a big Little Tykes playhouse. We started our stay'cation' by taking a long weekend up to Emily's in Toronto.
The Stamping Bella store is now a memory, but the Stamping Bella stamps & website are still a hit!
We had not been up to visit Emily, Ryan, Tyler, Jayden, Edward, Jasper & almost 2 years. {just before we found out about Jim's cancer}
It's nice to know that nothing's changed and we shopped for art supplies, {with the twinsies} and sat at the kitchen table making art. Ok, Emily making art and me trying to copy hers. lol

Emily was working on a mixed media class with Danielle Donaldson and I fell in LOVE with these Houses on Stilts, that Emily painted. Watercolor, drawing & some white acrylic washes. Yes, I am now obsessed with Ms. Donaldson's techniques. {instagram, facebook}
So I came home to try my hand and play with houses, birdhouses and a butterfly.

Poor cards, I keep making them and still not posting. Lets fix that tonight! Here are two more cards from the Purple Onion collection, A Beautiful Day.
I used 'Robin' the flying bird & the balloons. This little guy is delivering a pretty big bouquet for a small bird! I was silly and colored the balloons some pink/coral shades, wayyyyy before I found the paper. I have to make a mental note to not do this any more. I didn't have much selection to pick from, in my still-to-large paper stash. 
I pulled out the nestibilities and my Vagabond cutter, after I blew the dust off of them. I am still not an oval person, but I keep trying.
I loved how 'Robin' looked, carrying the balloons so I had stamped out another feathered fella...
How cute is 'Ruby', carrying some blue & green balloons. I didn't add a bow to this card, but he got a little glitter. I pulled out my Tim Holtz distress inks, also dusty and in hiding. 
It's funny how I have this room again and now I need to get used to using my supplies again.

I went to a scrapbook show before my week at home was over and watched someone use Tombow's and I wanna get mine out. What's that saying "so much to do and so little time to do it".

I am off to work on a few more Purple Onion cards!
Back soon!