Monday, November 26, 2012

crafty weekend & purple onion sale continues...

Lets try this again, shall we? I had a perfectly lovely post all ready to show you last night and I hit the wrong 'back' arrow on my blog, instead of another page I was also looking at. Not good. Poof went my 30 minutes or so, of typing and it was 9 pm...which happens to be my tired & cranky & ready for bed time. 
First up, I wanna share another Purple Onion Designs image..or two. Don't forget to check out their blog for more samples of the new holiday line & take advantage of 25% off  until Dec. 2. Just follow the link HERE for the info.
These three stockings are by the artist Stacey Yacula, and they are from her new holiday line, at Purple Onion Designs {POD}. I feel in love with Stacey's style back in the spring, when I was asked to be a guest DT at POD. Remember those cute bunnies & the frog? I was so excited to catch Stacey's post on Facebook, about this holiday line.    :)
'Stockings' is colored in a very limited red/green/beige. I usually go nuts and nothing matches, I don't think. This time I wanted traditional colors for some very old timey socks. Now I look at it and this to matchy-matchy? haha
Now, meet Elwood, more Stacey Yacula, for Purple Onion Designs. He's the elf who is like me and doesn't always do matchy-matchy. Look at those blue mittens! What was he {I mean 'I'} thinking. A little splash of color doesn't hurt and I bet ya'll didn't even notice that, did you? You can be honest, there is still time for me to change those babies to a deep red shade.
Both Elwood & the stockings are colored with my prismacolor pencils, blended with gamsol and the papers I used come from last years 'Holiday Style' from October Afternoon. It was a pad I picked up after I was done making last years cards. I love that musical paper behind this lil guy!
This weekend was official kick off to the holidays and I did get out to the mall, did a little visiting and got crafty with my Silhouette SD machine. SO crafty, I even pulled out some dark brown vinyl and cut this out...
Slightly wonky, kinda like me. I put it on the front door and then didn't mess with it. Have a drink or two and you won't notice it's not perfect. Then I cut out this...
I swear the sizes were all the same when I cut these three letters out...why does that 'Y' look a wee but smaller. Guess what, I think I am moving this to a vertical position somewhere... This one is driving me nuts. 
Lastly, I will leave you a picture I took of Story, yesterday. He looked up at me and I could eat him up. In a good way. 
woof, see ya soon!

Friday, November 23, 2012

a purple onion christmas...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  I can't say that the couple of days leading up to the turkey, were stress free... we still have Jim's car sitting with a doughnut on it, but we are surviving here. Fingers crossed, Jim gets his car in for repair and I get my car back, later today. Until then, the doughnut car is gonna get me to the mall this morning.  :)
I have been working on cards for my friends. At Christmas, they have come to expect them, lol, and the handmade variety. I, being the crazy person I am, thought that I could still get this done this year. It's been a chore, dragging larger stuff out to the kitchen table, like the sewing machine and my Vagabond. My new crafting desk will never be able to have the room for these tools now. I will spare you the panic story about thinking I'd never find my Scrap Dots, pop dots and my adhesive stash. {I finally did!}
So, if you remember in the spring, I made some cards using images from Purple Onion Designs, by an artist named Stacey Yacula. Oh my gosh...Stacey is at it again, with some freaking adorable winter friends. {I just happened to be on Facebook one night, there they were.} I was in LOVE. 
I made my first three cards and finished them up last week...working on four more, even today...after the turkey went into the oven. Here's a look at Santa...
He is very traditional with his long red wool coat. {ok, in my mind it's wool} I added some stripes to his mittens because I wanted to work in the colors of the paper. For most of the cards I will share with you...I used a pad of October Afternoon paper from last year, called 'Holiday Style'.
Would you believe me if I told you my bow making is very rusty. lol. My fingers are a little picky at the tips and fussing with ribbon is not a smooth process. I even pulled out my EZ bow maker last night.
Santa needs friends and here is Berry..
He is all glittered up in a patch of soft snow {which is actually crushed glass}. Again, I kept with the same paper pad and I am loving the kraft/turquoise combo.
Both cards are colored in pencil, using my gamsol to blend. Now, the BEST thing about these images, just in case you think they are as irresistible as I do...Purple Onion Designs is having a Sale!
25% off  until Dec. 2, and Michele, the awesome owner, will be sure to have LOTS of samples from her talented design team. Plus, Linda got some of these images too and you can get bonus inspiration from her.
Linda has been busy making cards for her mom, so that's what inspired me to pull out the pencils.
The cuteness doesn't end there...check out Story, at 14 weeks...
Umm, I have more cards to finish and you might wanna go shop!!  See ya soon, thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

thank a vet...

Today is Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, and thanks to our Vets and currently serving men & women...we are safe.

When I saw this little girl on Mo Manning's 'Digital Pencil Too', I knew I had to get her and color her up. {ok, that was in JULY!} I bought her, printed her out and she was supposed to be for a 4th of July post. She just never made it to a card until yesterday. 

If she looks like she is missing something, like sewing...she is. I have combined and condensed so much of my supplies, I had to search for my corner rounder {found it}, remember where I stashed my Distress Ink {found that too}. I know my sewing machine is sitting safe inside my closet, but it is also behind my clothes drying rack that happens to be full of dry clothes. Life was much easier before Story {our golden retriever puppy} showed up. We now have 'safe zones'. My craft room has become the safe place to store your shoes and shirts that are in need of drying. lol

 Here is our Story this morning, @ 12 weeks.

I am working on some Christmas cards for my friends, so I need to get him occupied for a few, while I dig out my sewing machine.