Monday, October 7, 2013

SENIOR-itas from Stamping Bella!!

Well, HELLO!!
This post is so crazy overdue, there isn't much I can say, other than I am finally sitting down in front of my laptop and getting it written. It has been so long since I have posted anything, I have already messed up and now I am writing this out again. {it's getting late and I am getting tired, but I am soldiering on!}
The daylight getting shorter is not helping either.
Overtime and house duties, dog park and wedding shower planning, it's what goes on here at the Williamson house. Shower in Feb, wedding on March'll be here in no time now.

Emily emailed me to see if I would be interested in doing some cards for the lasted Stamping Bella release. I said yes, and tried to get the cards finished in a timely manner. Sitting down at my laptop has just been a different story.

I am somewhat of a closet gamer and after all is said and done, about 8pm or so, I play Animal Crossing on my Nintendo 3Ds. Building a perfect town with my animal friends is what I do now. It's how I relax. I have no shame or guilt, lol.  I have not done much crafty stuff all summer, thanks to my new toy.

I just happened to have my phone in my hand and saw an email from my far away friend, Meahni...former Bellababe from South Aftrica. Poor girl has been waiting patiently for me to post my cards and I hadn't done it yet.  Here they are, better late than never, right!

Ohhhh, first up we have SENIOR-ita Wanda. She wants to give you a big ole smooch and probably pinch your cheeks. She was the first one I colored up and I had fun with that colorful muu muu. Since I have not bought new paper in months, I used Basic Grey pads, like Mint Julep for inspiration. The prints in that 6x6 pad also look very Senor-ita-ish.  
I layered the first part of the sentiment on top of Wanda, and the second part is on the inside, it says 'MWAHHHHHH'.

Then we have Mildred & Maude SENIOR-ita's...two ladies who are friends for the long haul.

These girls got their color from a Basic Grey pad called 'Kneehighs'. OhMyGosh...this sentiment is perfect for any girlfriends you have, no matter what age. I ain't this old, and I would send it out in a heartbeat! haha  I had a very hard time tilting my image, I like things lined up and even...but I made myself do it.  I split the sentiment up again and the second half is on the inside, it says 'they always stick together'. 

Then we have the Trick-or-Treating duo...

I had to dig through some old paper and find proper Halloween styles and colors. These 'TRICKORTREATarita's' didn't come with their own sentiment and I made one up and printed it off on my computer. {I did this about a week after these pics were taken.} I printed out a sentiment that says 'Trick or're never to old!'  I am not a huge Halloween fan, yet I LOVE Halloween images and Halloween cards.

I still get the occasional question on the glitter technique I use on my cards. It's a technique that is as simple as they come, with the correct supplies. A fine glitter and a Sakura Quickie glue pen is all it takes to add as little or as much sparkle as you want. The glue pen has a ball point tip and leaves a small blue dot of glue. I pounce it where I want it, fan it out and add glitter. That is it!  Cards look alive with shimmer and everyone loves glitter, don't they??

Please, check out the Stamping Bella site and check out the whole SENIOR-ita line and all the other new images. Since I retired from being a full time Babe, Emily now sells her images with cling on them. Ready to pop on an acrylic block and stamp away.  

Have fun!!