Tuesday, May 28, 2013

poppies or lips...

maybe I shouldn't have put the thought into your head, because lips are all you'll see now! lol But when I was working on my larger wooden canvas, one looked SO much like a pair of lips, I couldn't stop looking at them. {needless to say, after a major fail on that canvas, thanks to Linda...I had to redo that first attempt.}

What we have here is a online workshop from Donna Downey, called Canvas Create, June.  Linda suggested that when we got together again, we do this...she wanted to make art for her bedroom, I think. We layered tape, used Golden's absorbent grounds, got out our watercolor crayons and watercolor pencils. We watched the video and tried to listen to our teacher, we stopped and drew poppies and then we laughed at our hot messes. Linda was the first to decide she messed her flower up and gesso'd over it all. I was right behind her when she handed me a color that was not included in our set of neocolor II crayons. I scribbled the color all around the edge and pretty much at the same time, we realized...it did NOT blend. Oh, look Linda, you purchased the right color, Payne's Grey, but it was a neocolor I. I never knew what a neocolor I was, until saturday...it's not water soluble. I wasn't keeping that, so I did a couple gesso layers and then the absorbent grounds and started over. blah, I didn't like the white layers getting rid of my background. I tore all my tape off and started over, after Linda left. It's almost done, but I thought I would share this thinner version. 

So, do you see lips, or do you see some delicate poppies?

Next up, I am working on a little project for my friends daughter. 
I came up with the idea to make a skeleton camera, and while I see a camera, I can't say anyone else does. I am beginning to think there's something wrong with me! It's a decoration to hand around a horse's neck, which is the schools symbol. Seniors can decorate this large cutout mustang, for their senior-all-night-party. Since this senior is going on to college for photography, this was my idea...lightweight and disposable.

Sunday, I painted my second bathroom. It took me a while to get it started because I needed to run ut and get new brushes. I totally forgot that the ones that I had, my favorite Purdy brand...were used on staining the deck last summer. oooops. Jim and I went to see Hangover 3, and that may have been the biggest oooops, though. Not the worst movie ever, but nothing like the first two.

I was pretty productive this weekend, and now I gotta finish that large poppy watercolor. 


Christine Dol said...

Everything you do is gorgeous!Perfectly done!

sueincanada said...

First poppies but now lips. Glad you are just as creative.

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

It's just gorgeous as usual!!!!!!!!