Tuesday, June 11, 2013

maira's fairy...

Dear Summer, welcome to Michigan! Be a sweetie and keep an eye on that humidity level. I'll let today slide.  Thanks!!
Yep, I think the summer has officially been let loose around here and schools are out. It doesn't seem possible, but I keep seeing pics and posts on Facebook that say it's so. I was pretty miserable a year ago, I knew my Niki boy was not doing well and I was going to have to say goodbye, for now. We now have this huge puppy who keeps us entertained and has the most kissable face.
Right there, on top, between his nose and his eyes. 

This poor boy will be getting his walk when I finish writing this post. {remember, I said it was humid out there?}
I finished a card for a friends at word, for her adorable, dark haired granddaughter. I started coloring it a few months ago and I finally pulled it out to finish and get turned into something suitable for mailing. haha   I got my picture loaded onto my laptop, then decided to see about syncing my ipod. Major FAIL, I deleted all of my songs!  It took a while to get them all loaded back onto my ipod so I worked on another card. All was not lost, right...I got another card almost finished! 

Here is a Mo Manning image that I downloaded from her Digital Pencil Too website. It was a group of 4 fairies. 
I think for this photo,  I goofed up and 'enhanced' it, when editing, and it turned the little girls hair more reddish. But really, her hair is darker, to match Maira's hair color. 
I used some new Basic Grey paper, called Kneehigh. I bought two pads at a scrapbook show, and it's been AGES since I purchased a pad of paper. I pulled my Vagabond into the kitchen and cut the name out with a Sizzix alphabet die. 

It's nice to color a little again! I have missed my pencils and my bottle of gamsol. {and on a side note...I sold my copics off. They are still living in Michigan and making someone very happy!}

I want to get another card finished tonight, it's another Mo image that I downloaded a long time ago. She has been colored and filed away with other unfinished images...time to dust her off, because she is gorgeous, if I say so myself!   

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