Thursday, July 25, 2013

a sweet summer continues...

Hey friends!
What can I say, another week has flown by and I can hardly believe it. I have come to realize, over the years, that if I get outta work @ 3:30 and get right home, the evenings are soooooo much longer. Throw in a trip to the grocery store {and browsing the back-to-school supplies!!} and that lost 1 1/2 hours,  feels like my night was cut in half.  Ok, it's not as if this just dawned on me today, it's just that today I ran to the grocery store. 
Story and I just came in from our evening walk, and it's time for my summer love...Big Brother! I can listen to the show and type up this post, I'm talented like that. Unlike others in my household, my eyes don't need to be glued to the screen.

So lets take a peek at another Purple Onion Design, ok!  This is what first caught my eye when I was introduced to Stacey Yacula's art. Her little birds.. Here is Sky & Star sitting on their perch.
I didn't tell you this with the first card, but for the three Purple Onion cards that I have done so far, I picked all the papers out first. I used all older pads of my October Afternoon stash. I would be hard pressed to remember which papers are from which pattern families, I just know I loved the vintage soft feel of all of OA papers andI think the pair really well with this NEW set, 'A Sweet Summer'.

I am still using pencils, gamsol and paper stumps. I have sold my copic markers, except for the few that I use on skintones.  I wasn't sure if I should mix the Stacey Yacula stamp lines, {this is her third one} so I wrote the sentiment with a .005 permanent marker. The flower embellishment is one I saved from a mixed media project and the pink flowers seemed to bring out the soft pink on the birds. It adds some dimension, not mail friendly, but I went with it. I also cut out a few basic leaves.

If you haven't popped over to see the full line of 'A Sweet Summer', you might be surprised at how many pieces there are. The images are all sold individually so you can buy as much or as little as you like. {I LOVE that option!} Visit Purple Onion's store HERE and visit the blog HERE.

I will get to more cards before I head out next thursday, for a trip down to Nashville, Memphis and Louisiana! I am going to the Duck Dynasty store...wooHOO! All new territory for me, never been that far west in Tennessee. I am starting the first leg of my trip, following the Worlds Longest Yard Sale. It runs from Michigan to Alabama...that is A LOT of shopping. 

Here is a few pics of Story at the dog park that has a dog dock. I was expecting a beach, where I could walk barefooted, while he ran along the shore. I was SO not expecting a dock with ramps into cloudy water. My boy had never swam and he just jumped in and it scared him a was not like his pool. lol!
After the first jump into the water, he was a little hesitant. Here he was either watching the other dogs swimming or a ball floating away.

He swims and I don't. 

One happy boy!

see ya soon!!!!


Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

Hi my friend! I was finally able to find your new blog! When I was in CA - my iPad couldn't 'find' it!

So glad my desktop worked! Love everything you've been making lately! Funny that I just started working on the Mo Manning - two friends on bench stamp this morning! Then I saw you recently colored it in too!

Hope you have a great trip down south! And you find some great things at the longest tag sale!!!!

Meahni Pieterse said...

Look at those beautiful little blue birds! I want them.
Story is the most handsome boy EVER! Pity he can't come visit.

Jodene said...

I'm so glad I found your new blog! I used to be a regular stalker .. I mean visitor ;) to your old one and then my computer died. Finally got sorted with a new one only to find your old blog had kind of disappeared. Loving this new one though!

Story is gorgeous, I have a retriever too and she is 11 this year - best dogs ever! They do love a good swim.