Friday, July 19, 2013

new purple onion rubber...

hey friends! A month has flown by and I know I have been laying low in this heat/humidity. yuck, it has been nasty in michigan. As I type, a storm is brewing, I am keeping my fingers crossed that power stays on, I hear lots of crackling and thunder. 

So, do ya know what had me pulling out my pencils again??  woohoo, some new summer images were released from Purple Onion Designs and they are by Stacey Yacula! You know, she makes those sweet faced animals and friends. {last year i bought some of her ornaments from her etsy shop, but none for myself, yet} 
I have worked on some cards all week, little by little, and the mess/supplies in my kitchen, have grown. haha, yesterday I sat and assembled and feet were a little swollen from the weather. But...I got some cute cards to share with ya and here is the first one.
Here is Star & Sky, sitting on the perch. This little blue bird is what first got my attention when I saw Stacey's work, so of course it was the first image I picked out. Now birds naturally fly around and rest on branches, so I needed that too. Michele, at Purple Onion Designs, sells these all individually, not in sets. You'll see over the next week, or so, what I paired up, but you might have a different vision.
I added my own simple sentiment on this card, 'you are so sweet', because I didn't order the whole sentiment set.
My cards are all made with October Afternoon pads of paper. Older lines, not bought any paper since May. I made my flower from cardstock,felt and a button. {this is a repurposed embellishment from a mixed media project} I did my mental debate...use it/don't use it. It does add a lot of bulk to a card. 
I thought that the pinks brought out the pale pink in Star & Sky, the little birds. 

I also tried to keep a hold of my sizing and make cards that fit into envelopes I have in my drawer. I can really get carried away on size. lol
Hop on over to Purple Onion Designs to see all of this summer set, called 'A Sweet Summer'. {really,  only have a few of the images and there are TONS more!} Here is the link to the Purple Onion blog..

Now, since my puppy is 11 month's I gotta share a few pics of him. He is why I have been absent and spending the warm evenings outside in his pool.
Story in June

Doing what a dog does...

Getting wet!

Next time I will share pics from last weekend when we finally ventured to a dog park that had a dock for dogs to swim from. Yup, I let him swim in some mucky looking swamp water.  


happy weekend!!


dpkennedy said...

He's a handsome one for sure! I got a bunch of the new PO stamps the SY line! I haven't inked mine up yet, but I did clean my desk today so I would be ready to go tomorrow! Of course, your birds are gorgeous! So happy to see you creating again Paula!

Sandy said...

Glad to see you back!!! Miss you like crazy!!! Always think of you when I color though!

Pauline said...

Hey Paula - love your PO card today, so sweet. And OMG Story sure has grown. He is a beautiful dog. Yes, quite the storm last night, can't wait to get some relief from the heat. Keep cool!

sueincanada said...

So glad to see a post from you. The card is so cute and Story is too.
I also hate the weather we have been having but today is feeling better.