Thursday, August 1, 2013

yellow, summer, lemons...

It's officially vacation time for me and I have still not walked out the door and hit the road.
Jim took the car in this morning to get an oil change at 7am, maybe he's buying a new car instead? I dunno. I took Story for a morning walk and still no Jim. What is a girl to do next? ahhhhh, how about share that Stamping Bella card I made!

These lemons are bursting with summers favorite color, the color of the sun! It took me a long time to embrace yellow. I still wouldn't wear a yellow shirt, but I love the many shades that yellow has to offer.
Blue is super friendly with yellow, so I used it a little bit in the bowl and trim. I added some glitter to my bowl too, did ya catch that?

I went to Stamping Bella's website and I can't find this image in Emily's inventory. But she has lots of NEW designers and other images to look at. 
I may eventually write something on the inside of this card, before I post it on my Etsy site...that will need to wait until I get back from my trip.

I packed my NEW Sharpie '80 GLAM' set, some pencils and a small watercolor set. You never know what can happen and if I end up sitting in a hotel room, or waiting on Jim...I need to be ready, right? lol

Tonight I am going to be in Nashville, then on to Memphis and down to Louisiana. { Duck Commander land!!} Before we get to Nashville, I am going to follow the 'Worlds Longest Yard Sale". The sale starts in Michigan and goes all the way to Alabama. I hope to get some great pics to share with you...this is my first time to all of these places. 

See you soon!!!


sueincanada said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip. Look forward to pictures. Love the lemons card.

Meahni Pieterse said...

Those lemons looks real! And don't ever shy away from yellow again, it looks stunning!

dpkennedy said...

Very sweet and sunny! Lovely little card to brighten someones day!